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Mark is an exceptional physical therapist. I really can't recommend him enough. Mark approaches his patients with incredible focus, kindness, and genuine care. In addition to his extensive experience and knowledge, he offers a rare mix of manual and movement-based therapies that help deliver faster, longer lasting results. If you are an athlete, he is eager to help you return to sport as quickly and fully as possible. I have been to Mark for a variety of issues. As a patient of his, I have experienced the dissolution of stubborn pains and the pleasures of restored movement and function. It is hard to find a physical therapist with Mark's skillset, and I am grateful that his books are open for appointments. - North B.

The best around. Consult is in depth and Mark really takes the time to understand where you might have pick up your injuries and creates a customized approach to keep you doing what you love while working through your issue. I can’t recommend enough. - Heath Sowers, Coach, JD Elite and owner, Studio Mains

Mark is an absolutel miracle worker. I’m a trainer working with a high amount of athletes every month, and I trust my body and my clients to his knowledge fully. I shouldn’t be walking today, but he figured my knee out. - Morgan Higgins, Owner, MoHi Performance

I had the pleasure of working with Mark as a colleague and patient. He is an exceptional physical therapist who stands out in the field. He is attentive to detail and takes a genuine interest in the well-being of his patients. What impresses me the most is his commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest evidence and techniques the profession offers and his ability to network and connect with other healthcare professionals from all disciplines. He does not let his ego get in the way of the patient’s healing. If he is not satisfied with the rate of improvement the patient is getting from his techniques, he has no qualms about referring to someone else or co-treating with them. - Trevor LeDain, PT, DPT, OCS, MBA

Mark is the best Physical Therapist in the county. As a deep tissue massage therapist, I'm always sending clients his way. I've never had a client not respond well to his work and they are always grateful for the referral. I trust Mark's work because I have personally seen him for issues regarding a torn hamstring and for general maintenance that I need due to the nature of my work/lifestyle. He uses an FDM technique that is highly affective, restoring my range of motion and decreasing pain immediately after the session. It isn't just because of his hands on skills that I refer clients to him though. Mark is one of the most genuinely kind and attentive people I have met in my life. The way he cares for his clients is a testament to who he is as a person. I feel incredibly grateful to have Mark in my life as a mentor, friend, and physical therapist. I highly recommend booking a session with him if you're dealing with any injury or pain. He has experience working with bed ridden elderly clients, athletes, and everyone in between. - Daniel Ziegler, LMT, Owner, The Body Mechanic Massage


I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Mark Jamantoc. He is an exceptional physical therapist which is only a reflection of who he is as a person. He is kind hearted and genuinely cares for his clients. He gets excellent results clinically with his eclectic approach to manual physical therapy and treats each of his clients as individuals, not objects. He inspires his clients to strive for greatness, often getting his clients to accomplish more than they had ever hoped for. I have seen him change the lives of individuals who had otherwise conceded to the challenges they were currently facing. - Paul Fitzgerald, Owner, Whatcom Community Physical Therapy

Mark has been my physical therapist since early 2019. He has saved me from having to have surgery on my knee and was my physical therapist after I had rotator cuff surgery. Mark continues to study and is up to date on all new procedures related to the field of physical therapy. Mark also trains other physical therapist!  - Tim B.

Mark was instrumental in my recovery from a serious shoulder injury that included four fractures to my scapula and clavicle. Mark is a focused and patient physical therapist who is focused on results. Over the course of one year, Mark explored a number of techniques to help me regain range of motion and strength in my shoulder. Mark is deeply interested in the field of physical therapy and works to stay abreast of industry developments and innovations. - Robert R.

Thank you so much, Mark J, PT, for you meticulous work with our son's tibial fracture. He is a passionate golf and basketball athlete and was able to return to his activities due to your diligent work with him. At six months post procedure, he competed in the state golf championship round, at 1 year post procedure, he is the leading scorer of his high school basketball team. He came out of his injury grateful for his health and thrilled he is able to compete again. We are so grateful to have such excellence in physical therapy in our town! - Anonymous

"I just want to say thank you for the wonderful physical therapy you provided me. After 14 years, 3 MRI's, countless x-rays, 3 doctors, and one surgeon yielded me no change, pain relief, or even any hope. I had given up and just accepted I will just be in pain and have to change my life to not be as active. Playing with my children had even become difficult, the pain would not allow me to be a kid with them. After you worked with me for 3 weeks, I can honestly say you changed my life. I can run and play with my 5 children, I am able to do all my duties at my job without worry of pain, I feel I have more strength, I am starting to lose unwanted weight. The list is endless, thanks to your expert work. What you have given back to me, is my life 14 years ago. I can not thank you enough. It was an honor and privilege to be you patient." - Adam E.

I had chronic neck pain made worse by a traffic accident. After a few sesssions, Mark as able to eliminate the pain. This was remarkable. He also spent time educating me on how to keep the neck pain from reoccuring and what to do when it did. I highly recommend Mark. He is careful with his treatment and and expert treating necks. - Joe W.

I have seen Mark for physical therapy for 3 separate injuries. 2 instances were to my shoulder and 1 was to my lower back. On each occasion, he evaluated me, and then laid out a plan of attack, and successively led me through the rehabilitation process. The exercises he had me do were novel, appropriately difficult, interesting and most importantly, effective. They were also quite motivating, providing clear results from session to session. Mark was quite personable and made me feel that my recovery was inevitable and simple, which it turned out to be. He was also quite clear and quick to explain the biology and reasoning behind many of the exercises, which I appreciated. Never once did he give me reason to question his expertise. I've seen several physical therapists before Mark, and have discontinued seeing them because I disagreed with their methods or their personality. Mark is one of those care providers that you find and you keep their number on speed dial in case you get in an accident. - Zach F

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