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IMPORTANT NOTE: You are in charge of knowing your physical therapy benefits. Call the number at the back of your insurance card and ask about "outpatient physical therapy benefits". Praxis Physical Therapy cannot guarantee payment from your insurance company.

Insurances accepted:

  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • First Choice Health Network

  • Health Care Management Administrators (HMA)

  • Kaiser Permanente (Starting July 2024)

  • L and I

  • Lifewise (most plans: call the number at the back of your card to confirm)

  • Regence Blue Shield

  • Regence-based plans: some BlueCross BlueShield plans, Anthem, Uniform Medical Plan and Federal Employee Plan

  • Regence Group Administrators (RGA)

  • PIP/Auto MVA

  • Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of WA

*NOTE: Your invoice or insurance receipt will show "Precare Physiotherapy and Consulting Services, LLC"


If my insurance does not cover PT, would I be reimbursed by my insurance if I submit a superbill?

  • If you are paying cash since your insurance is out-of-network, it is never a guarantee that your insurance will pay you back for services rendered. However, we can issue you a "SUPERBILL" which will include all the necessary information that a claims service agent needs. Call the customer service number listed on the back of your insurance card regarding submitting a Superbill so you can get reimbursed for the payment. Most insurance companies will have a form you can download online for this. Again, payment is never guaranteed but you may be reimbursed a certain percentage of the cost. Be sure in inform the insurance company that they need to reimburse YOU, not the clinic.

What is the cost to pay privately for each physical therapy session?

  • The cost is $160.00 for each session, whether it's your first time being a patient or it's a follow-up visit. Certain patients choose to pay privately if their insurance is out-of-network, their deductible is too high or have not been met, or their insurance benefits have been exhausted for the year. Paying this amount per session takes the guesswork out and you know exactly what you owe with each appointment. We also recommend this payment plan if you are only seeing the physical therapist once every month or every 2-3 months for specific treatments such as manual therapy or performance testing .

QUESTIONS? Send us a message and we will get back to you in the earliest possible time:

Praxis Physical Therapy


Please contact Pro-One Medical Billing. Please inform them that you are a patient of Praxis PT.

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