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Ankle Sprain
Manual Therapy
Forward Fold


This is a service in which a physical therapist interviews you regarding your previous medical history, background, recreational activities, and lifestyle and then create a detailed plan that will cater to your specific goals. This plan may include specific stretches and exercises that will address your specific limitations. During the your first session, it is important that you are able to expose the part of the body that requires attention.

The physical therapist will take you through a series of orthopedic tests to determine which structure is affected, get to the root of the problem if possible and formulate a plan of care to move forward towards your goals. This first session is 1 hour and will include hands-on specialized manual therapy treatment and targeted exercise prescription to help you manage your pain while you work out.  We request that you bring any form of imaging (X-rays, MRI, Ultrasound, etc) if available related to the injury during this session. 


The follow-up session will depend on the findings and the discussion that you will have during the first session. Follow-ups include a quick assessment of any objective test needed for the condition being treated, manual therapy which includes fascial work, deep tissue mobilization (as needed), joint and spine mobilization and adjustment (as needed), and a review and/or update of the current exercise regimen.

Mission and Philosophy: FOCUS


Our focus in this facility is YOU. We set the highest standard of care by providing you with an individualized treatment session with a utilizing self-manual therapy and/or therapeutic exercises specific to you. 


  • Faster Recovery 

  • Outstanding Customer Service

  • Compassionate Care

  • Understand your own condition through patient education and be empowered to reach your goals

  • Solutions to improve your health, wellness, and fitness with our relationship with other health and fitness professionals


Praxis is THOUGHT and ACTION combined. Praxis means always moving forward. When you combine positive principles and reinforce the, with action, it evolves into mastered practice.

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